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Phonefinder is South Africa's number one destination for everything cellular. With over 5000 deals to compare you are certain to find the best deal to suit your budget. Plus there are services such as repairs, games, insurance options, the ability to sell your old device and so much more.

Dionysus Cellular and Dionysus Play have partnered with Phonefinder in order to offer you the great customer services you have come to expect from Dionysus plus the complete mobile shopping experience offered by Phonefinder.

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Your first bill

Don't be alarmed if your first bill from Nashua Mobile is higher than you expected! 

These are the charges used to calculate your first month's bill:

Once off charges: Sim card, connection and delivery.
One month's subscriptions in advance: Monthly tariff, Device charge, Value Added Services (caller line identification, BlackBerry internet Service etc).

Current month's subscription: Depending on when your direct debit date is, you may only make your first payment in the month after you receive your device. Eg. if your direct debit is on the 15th but you only apply for your deal on the 16th, you will make your first payment on the 15th of the following month, therefore your payment will also include the following month's subscription.

Pro rata charges: For the month you received your device, you will pay a pro rata (proportional payment) of your monthly subscriptions and value added services.
Usage/airtime: Calls, SMSs, MMSs, and out-of bundle data usage

Remember, you can save money by signing up for SMS and MMS bundles

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