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Our offer

Because Dionysus Cellular is keen to wow customers with our superb service, we are offering you up to one month's free subscription when you apply for your deal with us.

How it works

To earn one month's subscription (of your monthly tariff), simply spread the word about Dionysus Cellular by doing at least three of the following:

  • Like our page on Facebook
  • Update your Facebook status to mention Dionysus Cellular
  • Follow us or mention @DionysusCell on Twitter
  • Write a comment about Dionysus Cellular on HelloPeter (this can be a compliment, or even a complaint if we fail to deliver on great service!)
  • Write a review on Google maps
  • Refer your friends directly from our website, or email them and CC us at hello@dionysuscellular.co.za
  • Mention Dionysus Cellular on any other online forum

Do deals that are "upgrades" qualify for this offer?

Unfortunately we cannot offer this deal to customers that are upgrading an existing line at Nashua Mobile. You can, however, apply for a new deal with us to qualify for this special. 

Can I upgrade with Dionysus Cellular if I am currently with Vodacom, MTN or Cell C?

If you have a 24 month cellphone contract/3G data device and you are in your 22nd month, it is possible to upgrade from your service provider. Basically this means you can sign up for a new 24 month contract before your current contract expires and receive a brand new handset/device in the 22nd month. 

Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade non-Nashua Mobile customers. However, if you wait until your contract expires (end of 24 months) and then "port" to us, we will be thrilled to have your business and you will qualify for a 25% discount on one month's subscription.

What is Mobile Number Porting (MNP/Porting)?

Mobile Number Porting refers to the process of retaining your cellphone number when you switch to another service provider. For example, numbers starting with “082” were previously exclusive to Vodacom, but this number can now be ported to MTN or Cell C

Remember, porting to Nashua Mobile does not mean you have to change the network you love. So if you are happy with MTN, stay on MTN and retain your cellphone number (however, a new Sim card may be delivered to you and you will be billed by Nashua Mobile instead of MTN). 

Terms and conditions

  • This offer is only available through Dionysus Cellular. Nashua Mobile accepts no obligation to you whatsoever with regard to this promotion.
  • Within three weeks of obtaining your device, please notify us by email of the steps you have taken to "earn" your month's free subscription. The more info you provide (and we can verify), the better your chances of getting a 100% reimbursement of one month's subscription.
  • As long as your account's not in arrears, and Nashua Mobile's happy with the way in which you conducted your account, we'll make payment into your Nashua Mobile account after we have confirmed you have satisfactorily paid your third month's bill. If you apply for more than one deal, payment for these subsequent deals will be made after we're happy you've paid off your sixth month's bill.
  • The payment we make will be limited to one month's subscription of your selected tariff plan (e.g. Vodacom Everyday Offpeak 120 will earn a maximum of R135). We will not reimburse Value Added Services (VAS) eg itemised billing, blackberry internet service etc.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and our payment into your Nashua Mobile account will not be substituted to paying into your bank account.
  • We reserve the right to revoke this offer at any time prior to you applying for a deal.
  • This offer is only available at www.dionysuscellular.co.za
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