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What is Fax2Email?

Fax2Email is the smartest, cheapest and most convenient way to receive faxes. A free service, Fax2Email directs faxes straight to your company or home email inbox. All you need to start using Fax2Email is an active email account.

How does Fax2Email work?

When you sign up for your free Fax2Email account, you are allocated a Fax2Email number. This number has the prefix 086. When your friends, colleagues or customers send a fax to your 086-number, the Fax2Email servers convert the fax to a pdf file (or any other supported file format of your choice). This file is then emailed to you. The email containing the fax can be viewed, printed, forwarded or deleted at your convenience and from any location.

How do I sign up for a free Fax2Email account?

  • Complete the registration form above
  • Wait for the confirmation email
  • Click the confirmation link in the email
  • Receive confirmation of your new free Fax2Email number
  • Inform your contacts of your new Fax2Email number
  • Start receiving faxes!

How do I sign up multiple email addresses for my company?

Signing up numerous email addresses for Fax2Email is really simple!. All you need to do is send us an email with an Excel document containing the following fields:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Cell number
  • Email address

Why do I need a Fax2Email number?

Save money
  • As mentioned before, your Fax2Email number is FREE. We offer this service at no cost whatsoever to you. As with traditional faxing, the sender pays the cost of the fax
  • Save toner and paper costs as your fax machine no longer requires either
  • Save on printing costs by not printing unwanted faxes
  • Free up your existing Telkom fax line and save on the line rental
Improved convenience
  • You do not require a Telkom line, additional software or even a fax machine to receive faxes
  • Fax2Email uses software which is installed on most computers, smartphones and tablets. As a result, additional software is generally not required to receive  faxes
  • Faxes received using Fax2Email are secure and private
  • You can keep your Fax2Email number for life (as long as you receive at least one fax every 90 days)
  • Your 086- Fax2Email number is available 24/7
Improved efficiency
  • Improve business efficiency by providing employees with their own fax numbers, enabling them to receive faxes even when they aren’t in the office
  • Receive simultaneous faxes as your 086-number is never engaged 
  • Faxes no longer go missing - no need to call your customers to ask them to re-fax that important document
  • Avoid paper jams 
  • Never service or replace a faulty fax machine

Which service provider hosts Dionysus Cellular's Fax2Email?

    Fax2Email is powered by

    Free Fax2Email. Free fax2email. Email2fFx. EmailtoFax

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