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When you take out a deal with a service provider, your account is usually pre-set to have a call limit. This is the service provider's way of ensuring you don't spend too much and then perhaps find yourself unable to pay. Very few service providers actually tell you about this call limit.

All our deals come with a pre-set call limit calculated as 3 * monthly tariff - eg. if you are on a MTN Anytime 200 tariff plan, your monthly tariff is R200, therefore your call limit will be set to R600 (3 * R200). If you believe your call limit is too low, you can contact us and ask us to increase it. We'll check with Nashua Mobile on your behalf and let you know, but just remember, if you're on a tariff plan that costs R200 per month, and you are expecting your calls to exceed R600 per month, you're probably on the wrong tariff plan.

If you feel the call limit is too high, just contact us and ask us to decrease it for you for a fee of R5.00 per month. Remember, if you're abroad and roaming, we may not get your usage data (sometimes for a few months), so we may not be able to actively enforce the call limits. Also, there's usually a 24-48 hour delay from the time you end a call/send an sms/ terminate an internet connection, to the time your billing details are updated, so adhering to the call limit is never 100% guaranteed due to the technical nature of the cellular networks. Here's an extract from the Nashua Mobile terms and conditions:



We may place a call limit on your account based on your credit record, and/or you may request us to put a call limit on your account in order to monitor your own cellular spend. You accept that such a call limit is not a guaranteed service and there may be delays in the activation of the call limit or a delay in receiving the usage data from the Networks. Call limits does not work whilst you are using the Services overseas as there is a delay in receiving the usage information from the Network Operators overseas. You under stand that even if the call limit does not lock your account or notify you that you are over the limit, you will still have to pay for the Charges that get billed to your account due to you using the Services over the call limit.


A call limit only activates and records on our System the moment the Services are ended by you. E.g. on a 3G/ data service, the call limit will only register once you have disconnected your SIM card from your laptop. You will be liable for all or any Charges incurred whilst your SIM card is connected.


You accept that you are responsible for the necessary virus protection on your laptop and cellphone and will ensure that no automatic downloads or erroneous call diverts run from your equipment which could result in costly downloads.

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