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Neotel, Neotel Broadband, Neotel Connect, WiMax

Imagine a highway with many lanes. Now imagine a superhighway with only one lane that can carry the same, if not more, traffic on it. That’s the power of Neotel’s converged Next Generation Network! 

Neotel is the only telecommunications company that brings together voice, data and Internet over its own fixed infrastructure – optical fibre! Neotel is the only company with five under-sea cables, with an unparalleled network of fibre and wireless services to bring small to medium-sized businesses and home users fast, clear and reliable connectivity. 

Neotel is South Africa’s second national operator for fixed line telecommunication services. Unveiled on 31 August 2006, Neotel is South Africa's first direct telecommunications competitor to Telkom. 

Vodacom is currently involved in a R7 billion transaction to acquire Neotel from its Indian shareholder Tata. 

Neotel, Next Generation, WiMax, Broadband

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