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Phonefinder is South Africa's number one destination for everything cellular. With over 5000 deals to compare you are certain to find the best deal to suit your budget. Plus there are services such as repairs, games, insurance options, the ability to sell your old device and so much more.

Dionysus Cellular and Dionysus Play have partnered with Phonefinder in order to offer you the great customer services you have come to expect from Dionysus plus the complete mobile shopping experience offered by Phonefinder.

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About Dionysus Cellular

Dionysus (dee-oh-knee-sis) is the Greek god of fun. Because standing in long queues at crowded shopping malls to buy your mobile device is NOT fun, Dionysus Cellular offers you hassle-free online mobile solutions. 

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Launched in 2010, Dionysus Cellular offers a wide range of cellular phones, laptops, tablets and 3G modems on contracts with South Africa’s major networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C, Virgin Mobile, Telkom). Whether you’re looking for the entry-level BlackBerry 9320 Curve, cutting-edge Samsung Galaxy S, iPhone 6, a tablet, laptop of 3G modem with data, Dionysus Cellular has the best mobile solution for you!

At Dionysus Cellular, our main aim is to give you excellent customer service. 

Our innovative website provides helpful information on our different devices and contracts. This allows you to apply online for your deal in the comfort of your home/office, at any time of the day (or night!) and at your convenience. We will even courier your device to your doorstep ANYWHERE in South Africa! 

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Dionysus Cellular is the pioneer in South Africa’s online cellular retail industry. A huge achievement for us was winning SmartXchange's "Best Newcomer of 2012" award. This was no mean feat with an adjudication panel that included some big names (such as Takalani Ratiyaya, Andrew Layman and Justine Mogashoa).

SmartXchange Best Newcomer of 2012 Winner

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us!

About the founder 

Viresh Bhogal is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and has worked in a host of countries around the world. Like many men, Viresh is severely allergic to shopping malls! While living in London and San Diego, he loved the flexibility and convenience of doing his shopping online instead of going into a mall. This inspired him to found the country’s first exclusively online cellular retailer in 2010 when he returned to SA. In 2013, Viresh launched Dionysus Play, a website selling accessories for mobile devices, electronic gadgets, TVs, GPS units etc.

Joining the Phonefinder Team

We are excited to announce that Dionysus Cellular and Play have joined the Phonefinder Team. www.phonefinder.co.za is an innovative cell phone contract aggregator in South Africa offering services in addition to comparing cell phone deals such as insurance and smartphone repairs. Both Dionysus and Phonefinder will work together to ensure that the customer services and pleasant shopping experience you have become familiar with will only get better - you are always our main focus.

"We are excited to learn from Dionysus Cellular. Viresh and his team have pushed the boundaries of customer services and it is this attention to a satisfied customer which grows a successful business. Dionysus and Phonefinder will put smiles on the faces of customers in the cell phone market. That's a promise" - lance Krom CEO Phonefinder

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